• Question: so we have a would you rather thing going on. would you rather have a third arm or a third eye in the back of you head? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Third arm all the way. I could play Xbox while feeding my baby


The cloud storage scene just got very interesting. Dropbox has been around forever, Apple has been pushing iCloud, and Microsoft and Google just tossed their offerings into the ring. What does it mean for you? Well it means you have a ton of options.

Dropbox is platform agnostic and already well known, but only offers 2gb of storage for free.

iCloud is a bit different, as Apple has a different idea of what cloud storage should be. Unless you’re tied into the Apple ecosystem it’s not much of a player in this game.

Google Drive features great Google Docs integration and will no doubt be baked into Android moving forward. If you’re a Docs/Android fan this might be a good way to go, plus their free storage amount is 5gb.

SkyDrive comes from the unlikely underdog/powerhouse Microsoft. They offer you 7gb of free storage, along with Office Web integration and WP7/iOS support.

Which service you should go with depends on what features you’re looking for, but you really can’t go wrong. What am I using? Well…all of them, of course. 


Awesome, quick photo editing tool

Need to quickly resize, rotate or edit the color of an image? Use picmonkey! It will take a few seconds to do whatever simple task you’ve got. It also has some cool filters and advanced features, but I see myself mainly using it as a replacement for photoshop when all I need to do is something simple (resize, crop, etc). 

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Being tech savvy doesn’t mean that you can slack on the English.

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The airport shuttle drivers use tablets to get around and communicate. I love this techy world.


It begins! Any panels to look out for?


Boot to Gecko, Mozilla's HTML5 mobile OS

I find it fascinating that Mozilla is creating an entirely HTML5 based mobile OS. It’s a fantastic idea and really speaks to the power of HTML5.


"Geek Humor" Gone Wrong

These “humor” books must’ve been written by The Big Bang Theory writers

Photo Set

My office is still pretty bare, but well protected by some pretty fierce guards.


Game Night at Griffin Hall, playing Child of Eden. Visually stunning on the MicroTile wall.